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    Who are we?

    We are Wild Minds, a clothing brand located in Australia with designs and products inspired by nature and the wild within. We felt there was a lack of clothing available that had unique animal or nature designs and we wanted to fill in that void. We believe every creature is beautiful in their own way and we aim to showcase that through our designs and products. We carefully research each animal we feature and create designs featuring their unique traits and characteristics. Some designs created just speak for themselves.
    We also want to share the pure bond between Us and nature, showing relationships between Us and animals and how it should be.

    Our Goals

    Our goal is to eventually showcase a fair amount of animals through our designs so that people can learn and discover creatures they've never seen or heard of before.
    While some of our designs now are showcasing the more familiar animals, We will be slowly introducing different species throughout our journey as a clothing brand! We all love our occasional wolf and deer designs so why not?
    Our second goal is to also team up with animal organizations by collaborating and creating a charity edition product where the product completely supports them and their mission by giving them part of the profits as a donation. We want to do this to not only support their cause but to give people a chance to learn about different organizations and a chance to support them. We plan to help up to 6 organizations a year.