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    Who We Have Collaborated With So Far

    A look book and info on who we have collaborated with so far


    Dingo Den Rescue

    Oct 21st 2016

    Dedicated to saving the wild-hearted, Dingo Den Animal Rescue is a registered Australian charity run by a national network of volunteers. They exist to save the lives of dingoes, empower wildlife carers, and prevent the extinction of Australia's vulnerable fauna and flora We loved their cause and decided to reach out to them to collaborate.
    T shirt design done by Chris Costa
    Photos taken by Liam Foster







    Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue

    May 2nd 2016

    Roz and Kevin began this journey in earnest when they became aware of how many local wombats were affected and dying from sarcoptic mange. Roz began studying ways in which wombats with sarcoptic mange could be treated and hopefully saved from a slow horrible death. It started with a few calls from locals letting them know when a wombat was seen that appeared to have mange. They would treat as many as they could and attempt to educate the public. It has grown into a herculean effort where they travel many kilometres and treat wombats of all ages, sizes and stages of disease as well as treating wombats that have been injured in other ways. Animals that until recently would have died if left untreated are given a chance to recover and continue to help maintain the population.

    With the help of Karstan and Maxine, we collaborated together creating our first charity t shirt

    T shirt design by Emma Morgan

    Photos taken by Wild Minds Team