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    We are always looking for charity organizations and artist to work with when planning the next charity edition item.


    If you're an artist and you're interested in creating a design for us, Please email us with some of your previous works and a little bit of info about yourself.
    We will then send out the details of how everything works and then we can discuss an agreement and discuss who were working with.
    We work with the charity very closely meaning they help pick out styles and designs they like and whether they think it suits who they are as an organization.
    this not only involves the charity into the collaboration but they'll also love the creation just as much as we do.
    Wombat rescue artwork by Emma Morgan


    If you're a charity then we definitely look forward to hearing from you. we want to help as many charities, local and abroad and help many kinds of animals.

    We are happy to help anyway we can, please email us about your organization, what animals you help and where you're located.

    We will get back to you as soon as possible and start organizing what to create!

    Dingo Den Rescue artwork by Chris Costa photographed by Liam Foster